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Suggested Sizes

Below is a list of birds with their corresponding suggested  leg band sizes that have been shared with us by our customers*.


Largest Macaws: Hyacinth


Macaw: Blue & Gold, Green Wing, Military Scarlet.

Cockatoos: Greater Sulphur Crested Moluccan.


Amazon & Parrots: African Grey, Blue-Fronted, Eclectus, Mexican Lilac Crown, Red Head, Yellow Crown and Double Yellow Head, Orange Wing, Red-Lored, Rofous-Tailed.

Cockatoos: Bare-Eye, Citron-Crested, Red-Venter, Umbrella.

Macaws: Severe, Yellow-Collared.


Cockatoos: Galah, Goffins, Roseate, Lesser Sulphur-Crested, Lesser Umbrella.

Parrots: Small African Grey, Blue Rumped, Tucaman.


Conures: Mitred, Red-Fronted, White-Eyed.

Lories: Blacked-Capped, Black-Stella, Blue Streak, Chattering, Red, Rainbow, Violet Necked.

Parakeets: Alexandrine, Derbyan, Moustached, Ringneck.

Parrots: Blue-Headed, Bronze Wing Pionus, Hawk Headed, Spectacled Amazon.

Bee-Bees: Canary-Winged, Cobalt-Winged.


Conures: Brown-Throated, Blue Crowned, Nanday, Cut-Throat, Dusky-Headed, Golden Capped, Gold Front, Green-Cheeked, Half Moon Jandaya, Maroon-Bellied, Peach Fronted, Sharp-Tailed, Sun.

Parakeets: Grey-Cheeked, Plum-Headed, Quaker.

Parrots: King, Meyers, Senegal


Cockatiels, Love Birds, some Rosellas

*The above sizes are only a suggestion.  The actual required size may vary and it is the bander's responsibility for the accuracy of the fit of the leg band.

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