Stainless Steel Open Leg Bands

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Stainless Steel Open Leg Bird Bands

Pattern for Coding on Stainless Steel Leg Bands

Codes can be designed to accommodate up to seven characters on the left and three sequential numbers on the right. On the 3/16 size, the number of characters on the left is limited to five. Letters and numbers can be mixed on the left only. Numbers on the right can be sequential or static as required.

Sample for 3/16 legbands:

  • ABCDE 000 UP TO ABCDE 999
  • ABCD 87
  • AB-C2 87
  • A-BC 000 UP TO A-BC 999
  • AAA
  • AB 000 UP TO AB 999

Samples for others sizes:

  • ABCDEFG 000 - 999
  • AB 5 CD 000 - 999
  • 87ABC 500
  • 02-87AB 000
  • AAA-BBB 087

Due to brazing restrictions, the 3/16 closed band size can have only four characters on the left. The 1/4 closed band size can have only six characters on the left. Due to the nature of stainless steel, no color coding is possible.